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<transcy>"The Intermediary"</transcy>

"The Intermediary"

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"The Intermediate" includes everything you need to power a 7 card rig. We do not recommend connecting your risers with original SATA adapters. Take advantage of a $ 50 reduction by purchasing this set.

The set "The Intermediate" includes:

  • 7x Risers (V010s PLUS) with SATA * and USB 3.0 wires;
  • 1x HP 1200w PSU;
  • 1x Breakout board with 12x PCI 6pin;
  • 12x Cables 6pin to 8pin (6 + 2);
  • 1x Power cable.

Although risers can be used with the SATA cables supplied with the riser, their use is not recommended for graphics cards that require more current. A regular riser can demand up to 75w. A SATA adapter can only supply 54w which is not enough for the riser. Overall, you get MOLEX adapters that can deliver up to 132W. The regular 6pins cable can supply up to 75w and the 8pin up to 150w. Do not feed more than 2 risers per PSU wire.

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