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"The essential"

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This set includes everything you need to power a 7-card rig. A great mining set for people who need the coins to start mining. We do not recommend connecting your risers with original SATA adapters. Take advantage of a $ 40 reduction by purchasing this set.

The “Essential” set includes:

  • 7x Risers (V010s PLUS) with SATA * and USB 3.0 wires;
  • 4x Cable PCI-E 8pin to 2x 8pin (6 + 2);
  • 1x M.2 to USB 3.0;
  • 1x Power cable;
  • 1x PSU Splitter.

Although risers can be used with the SATA cables supplied with the riser, their use is not recommended for graphics cards that require more current. A regular riser can demand up to 75w. A SATA adapter can only supply 54w which is not enough for the riser. Overall, you get 8pin to 2x 8pin (6 + 2) PCI-E cables that will be able to feed two risers safely.